Welcome to our specialist clinic in Munich

Under the management of Dr. Janken Hoffmann and Peter Hoffmann, our team of specialist consultants will endaevour to re-establish a balance of your body and soul with the aid of plastic surgery, ENT, dermatology and anaesthestia. All of our colleagues support you with great understanding, sensitivity and discreation. We like to think of it as ‚wellness surgery’, rather than cosmetic surgery.

Focal Points

Breast augmentation

Breast shape and size plays a great part in the self-esteem of many women. A breast enlargement (or augmentation) is, as one of the most common plastic surgery procedures, an effective route to your own beauty ideal, whether you find your breasts too small, asymmetrical or saggy (following weight loss, pregnancy or ageing.) Techniques to lift the breast and/or correct the nipples often complement a breast augmentation.

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Wrinkles influence facial expressions, whether in a positive way through fine laughter lines or negatively, through deep frown lines. Other wrinkles can make a face look unnecessarily tired or old. Wrinkles and their severity are determined by your skin’s biological ageing, the diminution of fat deposits, individual mimic activity, sun exposure and lifestyle. Following in-depth advice, you will be presented with a multitude of treatment options, depending on the desired effect, skin type, location and depth of the wrinkles in question.

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Hair transplant (with own hair)

In cases of progressive hair loss or baldness, a hair transplant offers a solution with your own hair that affords a natural result of improved hair density that is long-term, natural, free of side-effects and visible within just a few hours. The typical male patterns (receding hairline, bald patch or complete baldness) can be thus be rectified with relative ease. Even in female cases of hereditary alopecia areata or hair loss from scarring, a hair transplant makes a lot of sense. Also in cases where hair density is desired to thicken the beard, eye-brows, eye-lashes and pubic hair, to cover scars or to produce a suitable hair appendage in transsexuals.

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